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March 28, 2010

Test drive the car before you buy it

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I always thought I would live with someone for a few years before getting married. Actually, to be totally honest I thought I would just live with someone and skip the whole married thing. That’s not how it happened.

After an amazing wedding ceremony and 7 months, 7 long months, of visa-paperwork and visa-waiting and being fake married, he is finally on his way.

Now the fun begins. . .  He has never lived with a girlfriend, let alone a wife. In fact since moving from his parent house near Dijon to Paris 8 years ago he has never lived with anyone.

I’ve had roommate and actually lived with a boyfriend for about four years, but that was a life time ago. I’ve been living on my own for the longest time now.

I can’t wait until he is here and we can finaly begin this crazy married adventure but I wonder how he will deal with:

1. I hit the snooze button a lot.

2. I need coffee first thing in the morning, really first thing. And my espresso machine is noisy – no one is sleeping thought it.

3. Sometimes on Saturday afternoon’s I don’t do the laundry. Instead I sit around in my underwear and watch too much worthless TV and I love it.

4. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night and I like to read

5.  I don’t keep food in my house. I just go get it when I am hungry (there is a grocery store a block away)

6. I don’t iron

7. I forget to dust until it is really gross

. . . I wounder what else will annoy him. I guess we will find out.


September 6, 2006

Hello world!

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